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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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Du Bousquier, furious against Bonaparte, relating stories against him of his meanness, of Josephine's improprieties, and all the other scandalous anecdotes of the last ten years, was well received.
Bonaparte then spoke to him sharply, and the aide-de-camp, with evident unwillingness, left the room.
cried Bartolomeo, with a darkling look at Bonaparte.
Without me, your mother would never have reached Marseille," he said, addressing himself to Bonaparte, who was silent and thoughtful, his elbow resting on a mantel-shelf.
Your success depends upon yourself; you can have a palace, also," said Bonaparte, watching his compatriot with a keen eye.
SIR - Rachel Banner ("Beware the Bay Bonapartes if powers struggle results in a Yes", Feb 19) gives not a single reason to vote No in the referendum .
While Canova served the Bonapartes they had sold and looted the works of art that he prized above all: even the Borghese Gladiator eventually followed the Vatican and Capitoline masterpieces to Napoleon's triumphalist new Louvre.
London's Evening Standard also claimed they had put an incompetent chef to work in Bonapartes restaurant to make things look worse.
BONAPARTES CASINO is backing seven races at Sheffield tonight as part of a new sponsorship commitment with the Owlerton venue-a sister company.
Ramsay moved in on Sue Ray's business, Bonapartes, in the first programme of his Kitchen Nightmares series in 2004.
Sue Ray's business Bonapartes appeared in the Scot's Kitchen Nightmares TV series in 2004.