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a candy that usually has a center of fondant or fruit or nuts coated in chocolate

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The dark chocolate bon bons are filled with salted caramel and come eight to a box.
Snail bon bons with frogs legs, |potato foam and onion puree PS8 Rabbit terrine with autumn |chutney and toast PS7.
Bon bon: Roll the haggis into balls the size of bon bon.
The company's new line of Earl Grey Tea Bon Bons are silver wrapped hard candies imported from England that capture the light citrus taste of Earl Grey tea.
From Lucy Ricardo stuffing her face with bon bons while working on the candy line to E.
The Nestle' Ice Cream Company family of products includes some of America's best-known and best-loved frozen novelty products and its most trusted brand names including Nestle' Crunch, Drumstick, Bon Bons, Butterfinger, Flintstones Push Ups, Heath and Dole.
Carnation Bon Bons, Klondikes, DoveBars, Eskimo Pies, Nestle's Crunch, and Jell-O Pudding Pops all contain it.
Any premium candies containing chocolate are included, such as chocolate mints, truffles, bon bons and chocolate-covered fruit.
Customers can choose from popular classics including bon bons, chocolate flavoured footballs, peanut brittle, toffee crumble and choc lick, amongst many others.
John's haggis bon bons were always going to be good (well, it was the famous MacSweens haggis) and the creamy, spicy pepper sauce on the side was the perfect accompaniment.
Other students of the Santa Clarita Ballet Academy will perform as Party Girls, Soldiers, Tree Angels, Bon Bons and Mice.
Angry housewives eating bon bons by Lorna Landvik, published in paperback by Bantam priced pounds 6.
7 Satisfy that sweet tooth with these Ambassador's Bon Bons in Lemon, Apple and Strawberry flavours.
So skip the bon bons and head straight to a classic steakhouse like Ruth's Chris.
Black pudding bon bons with poached egg This is a terrific starter - and one of the all-time Top 10 favourites in the restaurant.