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For instance, the rusty-patched bumblebee, Bombus affinis, once common in the southern United States, has largely vanished from that area.
The researchers caught the wild bumblebees belonging to the species Bombus impetuosus that forage for nectar and pollen in the mountains near Rilong in Sichuan province of China, and within 10 minutes they had been placed in a barometric chamber and their flight filmed as the air pressure was gradually lowered.
Countylevel records of occurrence, along with respective institutional repository, are as follows: Bombus auricomus: Aransas (SEMC), Wichita (AMNH).
Over the past few years, one bumble bee in particular, the western bumble bee, Bombus occidentalis, has caught his eye.
These included honey bees, wild bees (mostly Halictus and Bombus spp.
Another response to the crisis has been the modification of European bumblebee sub-species, bombus terrestris dalmatinus, a highly effective pollinator that's been used by indoor fruit and growers for more than 20 years but banned from outdoor use by wildlife legislation.
Mae'r cacwn, y 'bumble bee' yn Saesneg yn perthyn i'r genws Bombus, ac i'r teulu Apidae, ac mae 'na tua 250 o rywogaethau yn hemisffer y gogledd.
Em Helleborus foetidus, algumas especies de Bombus induzem modificacoes na composicao de acucares no nectar, reduzindo a porcentagem de sacarose e aumentando a de frutose e glicose (CANTO et al.
Bombus franklini, a North American bumblebee, was last seen on August 9, 2006.
Additionally, the normal pollination vectors of Sarracenia are bees (Schnell, 1976 1978; Slack, 1979; O'Neil, 1983) including Bombus that has a foraging range of only a few kilometers (Kreyer et al.
Of the 50 native bee species that visited, a single bumblebee species, Bombus impatiens, did more than half of the work.
n] microsatellites in two insect species: Apis mellifera and Bombus terrestris.
According to LaBerge and Webb (1962), various species of Bombus are probably the principal pollinators of various prairie plants in Nebraska such as prairie clovers (Dalea spp.
We observed a wide range of bee species visiting Penstemon digitalis, including Bombus fervidus, B.
Bombusmod (bm2) - Modified version of the Bombus instant messaging client for mobile phones.