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Effect of temperature on call of the frog, Bombina variegata.
An increase in the population of the following amphibian and reptile species with the release (from the breeding centre) of: 2 000 Bombina pachypus tadpoles; 5 000 Hyla intermedia tadpoles; 1 500 Triturus carnifex tadpoles; 1 500 Triturus vulgaris tadpoles; and 200 specimens of Testudo hermanni
Dorothy was born in Worcester daughter of the late Joseph and Bombina (Terranova) Turco and lived here all her life.
Mary was born in Worcester, one of eleven children of the late Joseph and Bombina (Terranova) Turco.
Consolidating animal populations (Salamandrina tergiditata, Bombina variegata) living in these habitats, favouring the preservation of ecological niche and reproductive sites.
Clear of the third when chasing home Bombina at Yarmouth last time, John Gosden's filly looked in good heart in her latest workout on the Al Bahathri Polytrack at the weekend.
Wetland restoration or creation to help the presence of amphibious and reptile species protected at the community level, such as Bombina variegata, Triturus carnifex, Rana latastei, Emys orbicularis and other species; Preservation of Austropotamobius pallipes from Procambarus clarkii invasion and species habitat improvement; Conservation of calcareous rocky slopes with chasmophytic vegetation and rocky calcareous or basophil grasslands of the Alysso-Sedion albi from degradation caused by rock climbing;
Enticement, Burgundy Ice and Bombina are all promising horses.
The introduction of more than 6 000 larvae and young Emys orbicularis, Triturus carnifex, Bombina variegata, and Testudo hermanni;
Peter Chapple-Hyam, trainer of Bombina "She's got to improve from Yarmouth, as this is a whole new ball game.
Lutra lutra, Bombina bombina) and a number of birds listed in Annex I of the EU Birds Directive, namely migrating birds (e.
ONE of the highlights of the week was seeing Peter Chapple-Hyam returning breathless to the winner's enclosure at Yarmouth after the efforts of himself and his staff had seen Bombina eventually safely dispatched for the maiden fillies' race.
The examination of natural fire-bellied toad Bombina bombina and Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus wobszarze Natura 2000 Nadwarcianska refuge PLH300009 - Part I;