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a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea

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DIED: Riyad Wadia, 36, a gay Indian filmmaker who broke ground by dealing with homosexuality in film, of complications from tuberculosis, in Bombay, India, November 30.
Sequeira of Bandra, Bombay, India, received the Bronze Medal.
Utility of clinically-directed selective screening to diagnose HIV infection in hospitalized children in Bombay, India.
An Iranian cleric had called for Falwell's death, and a strike in protest of the televangelist's comments in Bombay, India, led to a riot in which five people were killed.
Mrs Inamdar, a software developer originally from Bombay, India, suffered multiple injuries.
Chasing 256 to win in Bombay, India collapsed from 191 for three to 250 all out for England to level things up at 3-3.
Our plane touched down at Mumbai International Airport in Bombay, India, and I wondered how I would pass the next two excruciatingly boring months in a land without high-tech computer games, Eminem, or Dr.
United Airlines will operate a humanitarian flight from Chicago to Bombay, India carrying medical and other relief supplies to assist the victims of the devastating earthquake in western India.
M&M), a 20,000-employee manufacturer of automotive vehicles and components and farm equipment in Bombay, India, will invest in a state-of-the-art, 50,000 ton/yr foundry to meet the demand of critical castings such as engine blocks, heads and transmission cases.
A police spokesman said: "We can confirm that the constabulary was notified of the detention of a serving police officer in connection with a drug-related inquiry in Bombay, India.
The pilot, who was immediately notified by air traffic control, said he would proceed with the flight to Bombay, India.
I don't know what Belize is like today, but Conroy's vivid portrait of its sights, sounds, and smells in 1961 evoked some of my first impressions of Bombay, India, 30 years later, whether the funky hygiene, madcap drivers, or the local tendency to steal gas caps and windshield wipers.
In Bombay, India declared on 181 for nine in their second innings against Sri Lanka, gambling on a result to win the series.
Sushobha Barve from Bombay, India, described the citizen-police committees set up after the 1992-3 riots.
And they have opened a computer centre in Bombay, India, where staff are on pounds 2000 a year - an eighth of the UK rate.