Bombax ceiba

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East Indian silk cotton tree yielding fibers inferior to kapok

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It had been reporteded that Bombax ceiba exhibits low density hardwood and could be utilized in making matchwood [40,18].
Group I had Bombax ceiba (1) at the single level, and group II had Ceiba pentandra (2) and Ceiba speciosa (3) in one cluster at the taxonomic distance of 0.
Our analysis revealed that out of 20 combinations of RAPD primers pair, 5 combinations gave reproducible and polymorphic results when used with DNA extracted from Bombax ceiba, Ceiba pentandra and Ceiba speciosa (Fig.
According to the RAPD-PCR data for DNA banding patterns the dendrogram showed that Bombax ceiba was separated at the genetic distance/Coefficient of 1.
5--There is clear evolution in the three species particularly via the androcium modification, the flower size and pollination methods with Ceiba pentandra being more likely the intermediate link between Bombax ceiba and Ceiba speciosa.
Comparative morphology of Bombax albidum and Bombax ceiba.
The crude seed extracts (CSEs) prepared from defatted Bombax ceiba seed powder were investigated in their coagulation activity using synthetic and Ruvu river water sample with low (50 NTU), medium (250 NTU) and high (500 NTU) turbidity.
Myths, traditions and fate of multipurpose Bombax ceiba L,-An appraisal.
Bombax ceiba was used by the Kavirajes of the present study for treatment of bone fracture, but used by Kavirajes of Kushtia district to increase sperm count.