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beetle that ejects audibly a pungent vapor when disturbed

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When another creature yanks on one of its legs or antennae, a bombardier beetle contracts muscles in glands that store chemical reactants in separate compartments.
A Reclassification of Bombardier Beetles and a Taxonomic Revision of the North and Middle American Species (Carabidae: Brachinida).
Thermal concomitants and biochemistry of the explosive discharge mechanism of some little known bombardier beetles.
Encounters Between Bombardier Beetles and Two Species of Toads (Bufo americanus, Bufo marinus): Speed of Spray Capture Does not Determine Success.
Biochemistry at 100[degrees] C: explosive secretory discharge of bombardier beetles (Brachinus).
Most bombardier beetles exist in the family Carabidae, and within that family are three subfamilies: Brachinae, Metriinae, and Paussinae (Aneshansley et al.
However, bombardier beetles are able to discharge their spray in as little as 90 milliseconds when sufficiently provoked, thus evading capture by toads (Dean et al.
To protect itself from enemies, a Bombardier Beetle shoots out a hot, poisonous liquid with a loud POP