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an Italian city in Trentino-Alto Adige near the Austrian border

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Bolzano is central enough for you to see a lot of the area in a weekend, and we certainly made the most of our car.
Soderstrom played in Italy for two years after his first spell with the Blaze, and has played in Bolzano - which is expected snow and wind chill factors up to minus 17 at the weekend.
Von Bolzano zu Husserl undoubtedly is of relevance to the externalism-internalism debate within analytical philosophy, which is clearly outlined in the last chapter of the book.
Service of the day-care center of the bolzano health care center for children between the ages of 9 and 36 months.
In a reference from a UK court concerning a lesbian cohabitee losing out on her partner's job perks, the ECJ did not accept that a stable same-sex relationship could be treated the same as marriage or heterosexual cohabitation until EU law change (Grant case) and the Court also ruled that Italian laws protecting the German-speaking community in the province of Bolzano could apply to German-speaking EU citizens holidaying in Bolzano (Bickel and Franz).
Under the terms of the draft law, the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano could set up SEL S.
10018 for awarding contracts in the Corrective Maintenance Service includes delivery of the ETR 170 fleet replacement materials in assets at the Bolzano Provincial Directorate.
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Ripartizione Edilizia Ufficio 11.
2 million to steel company Acciaierie di Bolzano is to be investigated by the European Commission.
Contract notice: Award of liability insurance against third and employees of the municipality of Bolzano.
Contractor address : Iren Ambiente Spa Strada Borgoforte 22/A 29122 Piacenza (Mandataria-Capogruppo) / Ladurner Srl, Via Innsbruck 33 39100 Bolzano (Mandante )
Contract notice: Supply of orthotics to the health authority of the autonomous province of bolzano.
Contract award notice: convention on the service of the management and maintenance of hydro-thermo-sanitary facilities of the health district bolzano.