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Austrian physicist who contributed to the kinetic theory of gases (1844-1906)


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It is proven (Stefan, 2003) that the Boltzmann distribution converges to uniform distribution as T goes to infinity (this is the exploration) and to the greedy distribution as T goes to 0 (this is the exploitation).
The above distribution is called the Boltzmann distribution (or Gibbs distribution), and was introduced in the context of the random generation of combinatorial objects by Douchon, Flajolet, Louchard and Schaeffer in 2004, see (4).
Populations of 9-cis-UAB30 were calculated using a normalized Boltzmann distribution.
Boltzmann distribution and Saha equation amongst the level population of any species and electron density and temperature of the plasma.
Here, assignments of initial positions are somewhat arbitrary while initial velocities are done using the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution at the temperature of interest.