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genus of tall leafy perennial herbs of eastern America and eastern Asia having flowers that resemble asters

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CUT BACK PERENNIALS like Asters, Boltonia and Joe-Pye weed after their first round of summer flowers.
Landscaping tips: Snowbank boltonia is an exceptional plant for late-season color mixed with other tall perennials and grasses at the back of a perennial border.
This laboratory experiment compared the survival and growth of Boltonia decurrens with an early successional winter annual, Conyza canadensis (as Erigeron canadensis L.
As part of a comprehensive study of the biology and ecology of Boltonia decurrens, this work was focused on flooding as a management strategy to preserve the species by eliminating flood-sensitive competitors.
Basal rosettes of Boltonia decurrens were collected November 1989 and stored in plastic bags at 4 C for ca.
There was no effect of flood treatment within species on timing of the initiation of bolting; however, Boltonia decurrens initiated bolting a few days earlier than Conyza canadensis (data not shown).
Control plants of Conyza canadensis and all plants of Boltonia decurrens showed significant increases in height (Newman-Keuls, P [less than] 0.
Both the control and 2WK groups of Boltonia decurrens and the Conyza canadensis control group had similar mean height after day 56.
All flooded plants of Boltonia decurrens survived the experimental treatments.
Over 80% of Boltonia decurrens flooded plants and slightly less than 30% of Conyza canadensis flooded plants flowered during the experiment.
If you prefer to shop for perennials from home, several Northern California specialty nurseries offer perennials such as boltonia and Nictotiana sylvestris by mail.
Agastache, Alchemilla, Alonsoa, Asphodeline lutea, Boltonia asteroides, Chrysanthemum gayanum, Coreopsis rosea, Origanum laevigatum `Hopley's', O.
Order seeds of Boltonia asteroides now for spring planting and September bloom.
Boltonia needs regular watering, but otherwise takes care of itself.
DonAAEt divide perennials that are still flowering, like New York ironweed, Joe-Pye weed, New England asters, boltonias, autumn joy sedums and chrysanthemums.