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an implement for cutting bolts

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pretty vacant Bored looking Nicole holds bolt cutters
They came in through the back, using bolt cutters to gain access.
After 90 seconds of straining to cut through the lock the thief hears someone nearby and quickly stashes the bolt cutters before casually leaning on a nearby wall as two women walk past.
David and Robbie Hicks needed emergency surgery after they were kicked, punched and hit over the head with bolt cutters.
James, 27, from Wick, Caithness, survived despite being nailed to a piece of wood and having body parts cut off with bolt cutters.
They used bolt cutters to remove the clothes horse after being called at 9.
The Standard Automotive Tool Set (SATS) bolt cutters also have replaceable jaws that can be ordered with PN S0183.
Bolt cutters, window pane removers and even an Arc slicer, which can cut, burn or pierce virtually any material, are all on sale through a new website, the Daily Mail reports.
6 when thieves broke into their separate garage building with bolt cutters, and stole tents and other camping gear.
They had reportedly broken in to the airport using bolt cutters.
A man wearing bolt cutters tied by a drawstring and worn like a necklace was charged with first-degree theft and other offenses on Wednesday, Eugene police said.
Available in 5 and 7-foot lengths, the Stand Guardian is guaranteed to resist hacksaws, bolt cutters, and hammers.
The Hockey Puck model ($223) has a stainless steel body and anti-drilling features built into its core, and the buried shackle prevents attacks from bolt cutters.
They used bolt cutters to slice their way into Abbey Park Farm Animal Sanctuary near Leicester.
At times, it seems only bolt cutters will do the trick.