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Synonyms for Bolshevist

a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party


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of or relating to Bolshevism

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Jaan Laas has described how the Soviet Union central authorities hurriedly set out to reorganise Estonia's economy and culture according to the Bolshevist models after Estonia's occupation in 1940, using for this purpose Estonians who had received ideological Communist education and sent over from Russia, as well as local Communists/collaborators (Laas 2010:7); this description is also very fitting to describe the short-termed but eager actions of Ksenja Aisenstadt--a Party member through and through--in the Conservatory from November 1940 until January 1941.
So, the prize went to Romaria, a second-rate drama in verse by a Franciscan priest which tells the story of a Bolshevist who converts to Catholicism.
The Bolshevist Revolution in Russia had succeeded in repressing the church, as represented by the imprisonment of Patriarch Tikhon.
It analyses the Franco-Prussian War and the Otto von Bismarck's diplomacy, Austria & the divided German states, German-Brazilians today, the Pennsylvania's Amish County & the Mennonite communities, the German colonies in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Volga Germans in Russia under Bolshevist atrocities and the First and Second World War issues of Kaiser William II and his diplomatic chaos, Firebombing on Dresden, Danube Swabians and their expulsion, the U.
As Victoria delegates helped forge the OBU at Calgary, the Times declared that "any fertile soil selected by the Bolshevist in which to plant his anarchist seed would be effectively policed by his most determined enemy--the reasonable workingman.
In Russia educational ideology changed after the Bolshevist coup, when the educational sphere was nationalized for both political and economic reasons.
Support for anti-Marxist actions and fear of the bolshevist menace became very central to the decisions of liberal voters, supporters and activists.
The Bolshevist revolution made the council irrelevant.
If anything, the fall of the Berlin Wall has unleashed a flood of art from East to West: from the sculpture of Lenin that now stands on a Seattle street corner to the equally Bolshevist statuary at Red Square, a proletarian-themed restaurant in Las Vegas.
Another submission by private individuals compared the measure to Bolshevist Russia, where the child is a ward of the state.
State-ownership in Finland has been largely a matter of pragmatism, not so much an ideological issue as in the neighboring Bolshevist Soviet Union, where the planned economy model with comprehensive state ownership was adopted.
He suggested to press the "bad conscience" of Americans by demonstrating how religion flourished in Germany while American bombers destroyed Christian churches and their own godless Bolshevist allies advanced to wipe out all religion in Europe.
Their report of a massacre of Jewish civilians--not Bolshevist agents, but men who had gathered in a synagogue with their wives and children to collect relief items--had been immediately relayed to their colleagues in the United States, leading to intense media coverage there.
Just the same, the conception of totality pretending to be the goal of the process serves at least post factum as a justification for totalitarianism in its Bolshevist version.