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Synonyms for Bolshevik

emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party


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of or relating to Bolshevism

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Chief Justice Taft concluded that despite being "older and slower and less acute and more confused," he "must stay on the court in order to prevent the Bolsheviki from getting control.
53) Stoddard quotes Lenin in a speech before the Third Soviet Conference: "Among one hundred so-called Bolsheviki there is one real Bolshevik, with thirty-nine criminals and sixty fools.
Banks Nelson and the Bolsheviki," Labor News, 6 December 1918; "Banks Nelson Lays the Bogie," Labor News, 27 December 1918.
A total of thirteen organizations were banned under PC 2384: The Industrial Workers of the World, The Russian Social Democratic Party, The Russian Revolutionary Group, The Russian Social Revolutionists, The Russian Workers Union, The Ukrainian Social Democratic Party, The Social Democratic Party, The Social Labor Party, The Group of Social Democrats of Bolsheviki, The Group of Social Democrats of Anarchists, The Workers International Industrial Union, The Chinese Labor Association, and The Chinese National League.