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the capital of Emilia-Romagna

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork

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21) Ludovic Halbert, Patricia Cicille, Denise Pumain, Celine Rozenblat distinguent dans ce sens les << metropoles majeures >> (ex : Paris), les << metropoles principales >> (ex : Milan, Rome) et les << aires urbaines fonctionnelles>> (AUF, ex: Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, Bologne, Florence, Turin.
In the case of the Preacher Brothers, or Dominicans, this world was the closest possible to cities with important knowledge centers, such as Bologne and Paris.
FRENCH CONNCECTION: Pupils at Longley School, Huddersfield, rounded off a two-week work project with a trip to Bologne, France.
La Juventus Turin a fait un pas de plus vers le 29e titre de champion d'Italie de son histoire en gagnant a Bologne (2-0), samedi en match avance de la 29e journee, prenant 12 points d'avance sur Naples, qui recevait l'Atalanta Bergame hier dimanche.
Actes du Colloque Nouge a l'Universite de Bologne, edited by Anna Sconcini Fratta (Bologna: Cooperativa Libraria Universitaria, 1997), pp.
Bologne, Histoire de la pudeur (Paris: Pluriel, 2012), 66-72.
Abate's inclusion could be key as it bolsters a defence well capable of giving Bologne a hard time.
XIII: <<L'article VIII du traite d'armistice signe a Bologne, concernant les manuscrits et objets d'arts, aura son execution entiere et la plus prompte possible>> (ibid.
This would have indeed come as a surprise not only to the scriptores of the great Carolingian one-volume Bibles produced in the abbeys of Fulda, Bobbio, or Saint-Martin-de-Tours, but also to the lay scribes of Paris, Bologne, or Salisbury, who turned out so many small format one-volume Bibles in the thirteenth century that they can still be bought today on the Antiquarian market at a reasonable price--not to speak of the Dominican and Franciscan friars who used them daily in their preaching.
Contributors identified only by name warn of the danger to higher education in Europe posed by the 1999 Bologne Declaration and the creation of a Common European Higher Education Area.
From crowded cafes to couples taking time off at the Bois de Bologne, Miranda has etched the essence of the city.
IV: Franck Roumy, "L'origine et la diffusion de l'adage canonique Necessitas non habet legem (VIIIe-XIIIes)"; Charles de Miramon, "Innocent III, Huguccio de Ferrare et Hubert de Pirovano: Droit canonique, theologie et philosophie Bologne dans les annees 1180"; Manlio Bellomo, "Considerazioni sulla pervasivita della religione nella societa e negli ambienti di studio universitari in eta tardo-medievale"; Peter Erdo, "Il diritto canonico, fonte della giurisprudenza occidentale nell'Ungheria e nella Polonia del medioevo"; Brian Tierney, "Hohfeld on Ockham: A Canonistic Text in the Opus nonaginta dierum"; R.
Gregory Pujol fired Valenciennes into the lead in 75 minutes in their 1-1 draw with Bologne.
Ainsi nee, a Bologne, la premiere institution universitaire et, avec elle, l'Europe des universites c'est-a-dire un espace de la connaissance, une communaute du Savoir sans frontiere.