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the capital of Emilia-Romagna

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork

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Dans un stade plein pour la "Vieille Dame", les etoiles de Bologne n'ont pas brille.
Le nombre tres important de medecins (tel Andrea Vesalius) ou d'erudits protestants (Laurent Joubert) qui peuplera ou visitera cette cite (tel Rabelais) en fait, tout comme Bologne, un lieu digne d'interet pour l'historien du corps et de la medecine a la Renaissance.
The problems of education in Lithuania faced with implementing the Bologne Declaration, in Proceedings of the 13th international scientific conference 'Machine-building and technological environment in 21st century' (September 11-16, 2006, Sevastopol), Donetsk-2006, vol.
Sergeant Dick Wynn survived the war, only to pass away in September 1919 after an operation on a war injury in Etaples, south of Bologne.
He was held in Bologne in a POW camp until Italy fell into Allied hands, and then made his escape while being transported by train back to Germany.
While the English will be looking to strike on the Bois du Bologne, the French could well snap up some prizes of their own on our shores.
When Stewart immortalized the "young lady of Bologne," she initiated a feminist tradition long before the women's movement was ever launched (Ampadu, "Maria W.
1067-1068) Communication faite au Colloque international de Bologne en 1983.
Seriously injured during the British Expeditionary Force's retreat from Bologne in 1940, he spent his convalescence in Wales, and after being demobilised in 1950, he went to live in Llanelen, near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire.
Charles de Miramon, "Innocent III, Huguccio de Ferrare et Hubert de Pirovano: Droit canonique, theologie et philosophie a Bologne dans les annees 1180"; Manlio Bellomo, "Considerazioni sulla pervasivita della religione nella societa e negli ambienti di studio universitari in eta tardo-medievale"; Peter Erdo, "Il diritto canonico, fonte della giurisprudenza occidentale nell'Ungheria e nella Polonia del medioevo"; Brian Tierney, "Hohfeld on Ockham: A Canonistic Text in the Opus nonaginta dierum"; and R.
Born to a slave mother and a wealthy French father on the island of Guadeloupe, Joseph Bologne was renamed Chevalier de Saint-George and educated as a young aristocrat in Paris, France.
Here is the little-known biography of Joseph Bologne, the son of slave and a wealthy French nobleman, who moved from Guadeloupe to Paris, where he was educated as a young aristocrat.
scheduled operations from its flying bases at Rome, Milan and Bologne.
Director: Jane Campion 'I saw this at the Cannes film festival on a huge screen and it was a wonderful momentp Les Dames du Bois de Bologne.
A global heavyweight in the cured meats market, but still relatively small in the UK with a 9m [pounds sterling] turnover, Fiorucci is now aggressively targeting the trade with a range of specialities including Parma ham, San Daniele ham, mortadella Bologne, Milano and Napoli salamis, fresh filled pasta and balsamic vinegar, says project manager Heather Harding.