Bologna sausage

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork


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Binding properties and colour of bologna sausage made with varying fat levels, protein levels and cooking temperatures.
j) for the period of 05 (five) years, the Companies may not use the categories listed under letters "g", "h", "i", besides margarine, in natura turkey, bologna sausage, poultry party kit, hamburger, breaded products and frankfurters, other brands, already existing or which may be created, which are not those listed in Attachment 3 of the TCD.
To this mystique an element of spurious glamour was added by travellers who exaggerated their own reckless daring in penetrating a mosque: Grelot boasted of refreshing himself with a bottle of wine and a Bologna sausage while taking drawings of the interior of the mosque of Santa Sophia, and the Prince de Ligne claimed to have bribed his way into a mosque and forced a Moslem to eat pork there.
Hislop took their case up and representing it to Commissioner McCreary, each man was shortly after supplied with a loaf of bread and bologna sausage.
New Yorkers can recognize the slang "boloney" which (according to the Dictionary of Unconventional English) was coined in 1900 as a corruption of Bologna sausage and means "nonsense.
The word comes from the Italian Bologna sausage - and the former Prime Minister lit her biggest banger yet under Mr Major with an attack that could rip the party apart.
The Company produces and markets more than 600 products, such as prosciutto crudo (both Parma and San Daniele ham), prosciutto cotto, bacon, Bologna sausage, dried salt beef, cheeses, specialty foodstuff, balsamic vinegar and ready meals.
6 million in several units, which it operates in the State, for improving and consolidating its environmental management, and principally, in projects for upgrading and enhancing the productivity of plants to be reflected in increased output of bologna sausage and frankfurters.
I make jerky, bologna sausage, spaghetti sauce, taco filling, chili, and pizza sauce from it, too.