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the film industry of India

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Bollywood star Aamir Khan in Mumbai Image Credit: AP Bindu Rai Deputy Editor, Gulf News tabloid
The Israelis' attention has now shifted to Bollywood, as the BDS movement gains traction in America and Europe.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 19 ( ANI ): Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday took a selfie with Bollywood personalities during 'Shalom Bollywood' and branded it as his "best selfie" yet.
My family's long-standing tradition of going to the movies has been such an enduring aspect of my existence that some of my earliest memories are, in fact, scenes from Bollywood movies.
Strung together with Bollywood hits, including an original soundtrack created for the show, the story explores a larger than life world, full of magic, drama, music, dance, colour and all things 'Bollywood.
Salma Zaman who owns Salma's Bollywood Academy, is hosting the new children's classes at The Zone, Huddersfield, on Saturday, September 17.
Bollywood Park consists of five zones - Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios, featuring Hall of Heroes.
The Skydome venue will welcome local radio DJ Sat Dhaiwal for three hours of non-stop Bollywood hits, from 4.
I have been very disappointed lately that in the cinema section you have not been mentioning recent Bollywood films, in particular the Shah Rukh Khan film Dilwale and the epic movie Bajirao Mastrani which have done very big business.
The evening will feature performances from Colwyn Bay's award winning Bollywood Burnout which will be linking Eastern dance moves to a fantastic range of sounds, from traditional Indian soundtracks to the latest Bollywood trend.
NEW DELHI (AP) -- Bollywood films, with their colorful sets and hyper-coordinated song-and-dance numbers, have catapulted five Indians into the ranks of the world's highest paid male actors.
The imported beauty' primarily brought in to take the Bollywood glam doll to the next level' has meanwhile struggled for identity in new Bollywood.
Bursting with glamour, sparkle, and all the best-known Bollywood tracks, Divas of Bollywood promises to be a night to remember.
Bollywood ParksTM Dubai will cover three million square feet and will showcase the authentic Indian movie experience.
Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have given their seals of approval to the world's first Bollywood theme park, which will be part of a new leisure project in Jebel Ali, Dubai.