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the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant

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The Bolling Wilson Hotel seamlessly merges historic charm with modern amenities and offers guests a truly special travel experience," said Michael Murphy, senior vice president of upscale brands for Choice Hotels International.
And the new owners have pledged to back Bolling by investing in the business.
1 -- color) The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team from Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.
Landrum Bolling subsequently served as the first president of the Benjamin Franklin Literary and Medical Society, the foundation that publishes The Saturday Evening Post and seven children's health magazines.
investment Recovery Consultants JM/KTM Machinery Karder Rubber Machinery Killion Extruders Kobelco Stewart Bolling LWB Sales & Service MKB Industries Pathex Perry Machinery Pomini Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery RMS Rubber Associated Machinery-R.
Says Bolling, whose firm grossed $600,000 in sales last year: "We signed a contract--with an escape clause--that spelled out the responsibilities of each party and how the monies will be disbursed.
Bolling added, "I'm very proud to join FBN and have the opportunity to bring my market expertise to the network.
April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Rumson, Bolling & Associates recently instated a brand new dashboard for its collectors to use.
Bolling Coffee has been supplying Fortnum's complete range of more than 35 coffees since the start of the store's 300th anniversary celebrations last year.
Timothy Knaus, General Manager Equipment: Two #4 Stewart Bollings, #10 Stewart Bolling Mixing capabilities: Thermoplastic and elastomer blends, especially olefins, EPDM, EPR, NBR, SBR and PIB Capacity: 40 million lbs/yr Tech service: yes Recipe development: yes
The four-employee company-originally launched by Bolling and his former partner, Joe Allen, as an investment firm to do business in West Africa--reported $250,000 in sales last year.
Military Housing Privatization Plans Include Redevelopment of 3,189 Homes at Barksdale, Langley, and Bolling Air Force Bases
Box 640 Kingstree, SC 29556 Equipment: Rubber - Two #27 mixers, three #12 Stewart Bolling mixers, six #10 Stewart Bolling mixers, five calenders (3-60", 1-96", 1-132"); Thermoplastics - one #6 FCM, two #9 FCMs, one #15 FCM, one - 36:1, 6" extruder, one #4 FCM, one 46'mm Buss one 140 mm Buss Kneader, and two #12 Stewart Bollings Mixing capabilities: Thermoset and thermoplastic Capacity: 1 billion lbs/yr Tech service: yes Recipe development: yes
As we thoroughly researched different instant issuance vendors, DCS rose to the top of the list because of its excellent reputation, strong referrals from current users, and software superiority," said Benson Bolling, Director of Business and Card Services for Alabama Credit Union.