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the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant

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This is the Seventh Annual Adva Center Conference on Budgets and Gender and it is the sixth time that the Boll Foundation supported the conference.
This tendency to heavily infest either the cotton boll or the leaf litter beneath the plant is what makes effective application of pesticides for control of O.
Avec le soutien de CIDA/GESP et de la Fondation Heinrich Boll, MEGEN a egalement organise des forums de dialogues communautaires avec pour objectif principal de promouvoir la reconciliation et la coexistence pacifique au sein dis communautes et entre les communautes belligerantes.
According to his parents, who have gone to see him, he was conscious and talking to them," Boll said Tuesday.
Having learnt that the portrait had been shortlisted for the prize, Mr Boll set about tracking Joe down, visiting pubs and other locations with the photograph to ask if anyone knew him.
Boll, who was exposed by The People in December, has already been fined pounds 407,000 by phone watchdog ICSTIS.
Theater Die Komodianten will perform the UK premiere of the acclaimed production with readings of poems by Goethe, Schiller and Heine interspersed with scenes from selected plays of Heinrich Boll and Henning Mankell in German, English and Spanish.
He has a tattoo on his left arm which says Boll Head and another around his navel saying 'Made in Wales'.
Boll is a board certified clinical health psychologist who directs the Neuropsychology Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Even the packaging is cool--Sling Peps are wrapped like lollipops, Arm Candy cast covers look like giant pieces of taffy, and L'eg Boll cast covers arrive in Chinese takeout boxes.
Documentaries are among the most exciting and provocative films around, despite their reputation as being akin to those awful classroom movies about the mating life of the boll weevil.
After that he told her to put them in a pen, boll them, end make a tea.
Bon Boll Buddies, character licensed confectionery and biscuit maker, has appointed Duncan Cawdell sales director as it builds on existing growth.
DHL Danzas Air and Ocean chief executive, South Pacific, Tony Boll, says growing DHL's slice of the logistics pie was the key reasoning behind the move.
Anyone familiar with the possibilities will be pleased to see Faulks, Hemingway, Vonnegut, Heller, Boll, Barker and Babel here.