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Banco de Credito de Bolivia and IFC work together in Bolivia since 2009, when the bank joined IFC s global trade finance program with a line of US$10 million.
Bolivia needs to improve the legal and regulatory environment for security and justice sector institutions to effectively combat drug production and trafficking, money laundering, corruption, and other transnational crime, and to bring criminal enterprise to justice through the rule of law.
Bolivia and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, Organization of American States, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.
Bolivia argued Chile is obligated to provide it with access to the sea, and plans to provide evidence of Chile's past compliance on the issue in court,(http://www.
Bolivia's territorial dispute with Chile can be traced back to the 1879 War of the Pacific, during which Bolivia lost 120,000 square km of land and 400 km of coast.
AHA Bolivia is a fair trade, ethical manufacturer of high quality knitwear, handbags and toys.
Bolivia declined to arrest Vahidi, noting that he was traveling on a diplomatic passport.
In 2003, the people of Bolivia took to the streets to protest against the proposal to export the nation's gas to the US through a Chilean port.
Podemos calls Venezuela's growing influence in Bolivia a threat to national sovereignty--Venezuelan Air Force helicopters ferry Morales around, and Venezuelan military planes have flown in at least a dozen times.
Coca, the plant used to make cocaine, is an important crop in Bolivia and is grown for use in teas and traditional medicines.
But while Bolivia is "fast becoming a pariah of insurance markets," trade credit insurers shouldn't be hit too hard by the government's move, he said.
You may have heard of him, Evo Morales, the newly elected president of Bolivia.
As if Bolivia does not have enough problems to occupy his attention, Morales appears to see himself as the new Che Guevara who will take Marxist "liberation" to the entire hemisphere.
Bolivia fell victim to the general global slowdown starting in 1999 when Bolivia's economy grew only 0.
The film's decidedly anti-imperialist bent shone through in its portrayal of Peace Corps workers, dramatizing an alleged Uncle Sam-initiated program to sterilize indigenous women without consent; it helped bring about the Corps' expulsion and decades-long ban from Bolivia.