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The quake also rattled residents in Lima and was felt in Boliva, 260 miles east of the epicenter, and in Chile, 225 miles southeast.
A series of specimens from above 2000 meters and below 1000 meters in Argentina and Boliva show no sexual dimorphism in numbers of ventrals and subcaudals but indicate significant differences (univariate analysis) between subcaudal numbers by elevation.
A $20,000 donation from the Western Union Foundation and Western Union Agents DHL Express Boliva and Banco Union S.
When Paraguay last faced a big side - beating Brazil 2-0 in June - they subsequently lost the midweek trip to Boliva and Martino will be mindful of something similar happening this time around.
The powerful quake rattled residents in Lima and was felt in Boliva, 420 kilometres (260 miles) east of the epicentre, and in Chile, 370 kilometres (225 miles) southeast.
A consortium including Enron, Shell International Gas and a Bolivian state-owned oil company will construct the 391-mile, 18-inch CUIABA PIPELINE project from Boliva to Western Brazil.
Banco Industrial is the second-largest bank in Boliva according to assets and has 14 branches and 300 employees.
Through the Multiecast acquisition, CRE8 extends its content service offering to mobile operators in Chile, Peru and Colombia, and has existing content agreements and strategic relationships in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Boliva and Mexico.
Except when injury visits, which it has done periodically in the last year, offering Henderson the opportunity to build his career, which he has done with impressive displays against Sweden, Chile, the Czech Republic and Boliva.