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an illegal daily lottery

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As much as possible nga po, we discourage yung mga ganun kasi hindi nga natin yun na-test at wala pong quality control,' Bolito said in an interview with DZMM.
Hindi po natin siya icha-charge nang patulog na tayo,' Bolito added.
Bolito lo explica todo, escrita y dirigida por Sixto Castro Santillan, elige un personaje como narrador, el cual entabla abiertamente contacto con el publico para contarnos la historia.
Bolito lo explica todo gano el ano pasado el Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia Joven Gerardo Mancebo del Castillo, convocado por el Centro Cultural Helenico, y parte del premio fue la produccion para el montaje que ahora se presenta en el Foro de la Gruta.
Holstein was portrayed in Carl Van Vechten's roman a clef of the Harlem Renaissance, Nigger Heaven, under the name "Randolph Pettijohn, the Bolito King" (19).
Buzzard and the Bolito Man: A Saltwater Geechee Talks About Life on Sapelo Island as well as award winning essays.
Mostardo is traditionally served with a dish called Bolito Misto, which is a dish of veal head, Italian sausage, braised beef, chicken thigh and tongue braised in broth with vegetables.
The local economy depends considerably on drink-selling establishments, and it appeared that the police had rather "insensitively" shot a local borracho-actually the slang for a drunk is bolito hereabouts-after he resisted arrest and, depending on whom you believe, either had been handcuffed or, while being handcuffed, had pulled a knife.
Joseph Manzare from Zuppa, who will serve bolito misto panini with salsa verde; and,
Army officials in the Eastern Visayas described Lagucay as a leader of the NPA's Centro de Gravidad and head of the organizing committee of the Jorge Bolito Command which operates in Samar province.
Y me admire porque yo tenia un primo bolito (borrachito) que cuando murio le hicieron la prueba y tardaron mas de dos meses en dar los resultados, y como asi rapido me las dieron a mi", senala.