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terrestrial or less than normally scandent ferns of tropical regions of northern hemisphere

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A taxonomic revision of Bolbitis is made accordingly, based on field observations and herbarimn study.
This species was treated as a variety of Bolbitis crispatula by Hennipman (1977).
Tagawa and Iwatsuki (1988) reported that "This species does not form colonies like Bolbitis subcordata of Japan"; however, we do find large colonies of B.
Bolbitis lanceolata is most similar to Bolbitis scalpturata (Fee) Ching, but differs by having 3 to 4 rows of leaves close together; pinnae of sterile lamina narrower, 15-20 x 2-2.
This species is closely related to Bolbitis heteroclita, differing by its hemiepiphytic habit, having a rhizome that climbs high upon tree trunks.
This species is very close to Bolbitis virens, but differs from it in having broad fertile pinnae, 5-8 x 0.
It was reported to be a hybrid between Bolbitis angustipinna (Hayata) H.
When Egenolfia x yunnanensis is transferred to Bolbitis, as Bolbitis x yunnanensis, the resulting name is illegitimate under Article 53.
Bolbitis yunnanensis Ching (1983), described from Simao, Yunnan, China (Wang, 1999).
1983, non Bolbitis yunnanensis Ching in Ching and Wang, Acta Phytotax.
A taxonomic revision of the fern genus Bolbitis (Bolbitidaceae) from China.