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the second month of the Hindu calendar

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Pohela Boishakh is also celebrated in Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia under a different name.
Back home, Bangladeshis usually enjoy a national holiday on Poila Boishakh and the festivities start from dawn.
Eso he boishakh, the song welcoming Bangla New Year, was sung by the students.
Meanwhile, the Bengali community marked Poila Boishakh, beginning with sharing the traditional sweet of Rosogola served in a traditional pot.
The new year for Bangladesh begins on April 14 in the month of Boishakh which represents the beginning of Grisma.
narendramodi: "Greetings to people across India on Vaisakhadi, Masadi, Bohag Bihu, Poila Boishakh, Vishu and Puthandu.
This platter is the star meal of the Pholea Boishakh festival while Pillao (fragranced rice) and Korma/Rezala with Kebab and chicken roast also become part of major celebrations like weddings.
Visva-Bharati University, established by him in Bolpur town (Santiniketan) of West Bengal, decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of Tagore on the actual date of his birth, Boishakh 25, scrapping a rule ushered in by his predecessor - that of celebrating the bard's birth anniversary on Poila Boishakh (the first day of the Bengali calender).
3]hela Boishakh celebrations at Bangladeshi school in Abu Dhabi recently.
The celebrations started with a Boishakh song welcoming the New Year.