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a metal pot for stewing or boiling


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I have always fancied that the end of the earth will be when some enormous boiler, heated to three thousand millions of atmospheric pressure, shall explode and blow up our Globe
It was never easy to get plenty of hot water, since the kitchen boiler did not work, and it was impossible for two persons to have a bath on the same day.
You can whistle till you nearly burst your boiler before they will trouble themselves to hurry.
Well, she was born the week I bought the boiler, so she'll be one-and-fifty (no less
I came upon a boiler wallowing in the grass, then found a path leading up the hill.
The hiss of the boiler could be heard on the distant rails, and the rumble of something heavy.
But the chief feature of this part of the show was a huge allegorical device, borne among the ship-carpenters, on one side whereof the steamboat Alcohol was represented bursting her boiler and exploding with a great crash, while upon the other, the good ship Temperance sailed away with a fair wind, to the heart's content of the captain, crew, and passengers.
While Joe was absent on this errand, the elder Willet and his three companions continued to smoke with profound gravity, and in a deep silence, each having his eyes fixed on a huge copper boiler that was suspended over the fire.
A general murmur from his three cronies, and a general shaking of heads at the copper boiler, assured John Willet that they had had good experience of his powers and needed no further evidence to assure them of his superiority.
Table 71: French 10-Year Perspective for Industrial Boilers by End Use Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Capacity Additions for Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food & Beverages, Building & Construction, and Other Markets for 2003, 2008 & 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-46
The Boilers / Burners shall be UL Listed specifically meeting UL 795 standard for Commercial and Industrial Gas Heating Equipment.
1 around the world and most boilers in service are industrial coal-fired ones.
Asia-Pacific is emerging as the major market for industrial boilers, and the region would continue to be the largest demand generator for industrial boilers over the next five years.
Experience over several years of commissioning buildings with condensing boilers is that about 90% of the boilers never operate in the condensing range.