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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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The terms that appear in boilerplates substitute an entire fabric of legal rules that would otherwise govern.
Boilerplates are loaded with terms governing contingent and remote problems in performance, but these contingencies are just as probable (or improbable) in the village contract.
Boilerplates, recall, often include paragraphs assigning jurisdiction over any disputes to an arbitration forum and choosing a particular state law.
Regulation by boilerplates means that one web of terms collected from many sources of law (the legally supplied default provisions) is replaced with a fairly comprehensive but concise substitute (boilerplate).
The risks and rewards affected by the medical decision are far more intuitive and significant to most people than those implicated by consumer boilerplates.
Because the substance of boilerplates is so intolerable--boilerplates drafted by profit-seeking firms replace the more equitable baseline entitlements that the polity chose to offer as a benchmark to all consumers--not even informed agreement could make it kosher.
Needless to say, boilerplates are far more firm-friendly than the background default rules that they replace.
Four ready-print, boilerplate companies developed serving 5,000 papers; then it came down to one monopoly, Chicago's Western Newspaper Union.
efficient boilerplate and extract rents through prices and other purely
We read and compared industry boilerplate contracts and talked
For example, the boilerplate contract terms between the
important differences in the substance of these boilerplate provisions.
The contracts we looked at are the boilerplate POs governing the
similar boilerplate language throughout this industry.
the OEM boilerplate contracts are the following: termination rights,