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a Roman who was an early Christian philosopher and statesman who was executed for treason

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It is interesting to see how translators from Old to Early Modern English have solved the problems of the related but contrasting concepts in the Boethius passage quoted above.
To the left, Boethius himself appears with a so-called monochord, an instrument consisting of a single taut string whose length can be varied.
In Book 3, Prose 12, Boethius, making the point that creatures cannot effectively resist their creator, mentions in passing the giants who warred against heaven.
It was just as Boethius knew; it was a world in transition.
But the weight that Dante assigns to Boethius and Augustine is equal in appearance only.
This grand distinction in Boethius is the distinction Chaucer adopts to shape both the thematic and the narrative structure of the Troilus.
In this short text, which for a long time had been attributed to Boethius, Gundissalinus developed his own solution to the problem of form and matter, following Ibn Gabirol.
The early sixth-century Italian scholar Anicius Manlius Boethius had a significant and lasting influence on the development of the medieval intellectual tradition.
She covers the Alfredian Boethius, the Alfredian world view in the poetry, cultivating ingethonc (inner thought), and the landscape of the mind.
IN HIS CONSOLATION OF PHILOSOPHY, Boethius depicts love as a force that holds the cosmos in balance and order, ruling the sky, setting the limits to the tides, and even uniting hearts in friendship.
Introduction to Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Joel Relihan, trans.
Reviewing a new English translation of the Philosophiae Consolatio in 2003, Boethius scholar John Magee referred to the "happy partnership" that the English language has enjoyed with the Consolatio since the time of King Alfred.
IN THE CONSOLATION OF PHILOSOPHY, Boethius presents a dramatic and unforgettable snapshot of personal suffering that not even the ultimately happy ending erases.
Of course, a rather wide net is cast, gathering general discussions of the interplay between learning, theology, and sainthood in medieval Ireland, the impact, felt over centuries, on Irish scholastic universe of the work of Boethius in particular; and the general issues of the origin of medieval science, with Ireland being one of its most important cradles.
Two of the most important medieval writers on the subject of music and its influence on mood, were Boethius (born c.