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a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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This article presents the outcomes of a reading of Son-In-Law of the Boere (Motana 2010), through which the "multiple processes" of transculturation are explored and critiqued.
Groenewald [2002:173] verwys in die verband na die waarnemings van Boving [1712] en Kolbe [1727] oor gebruikskennis van Khoi deur boere en hul kinders, waar dit binne 'n kleiner, meer persoonlike kring gepraat is.
Boere, who is on the Simon Wiesenthal Center s list of most wanted war crime suspects, had confessed to killing the three civilians when he was a member of an SS squad targeting anti-Nazi resistance, but argued that he was following orders.
During his trial, Boere admitted killing three civilians in 1944 as a member of a unit of Dutch SS volunteers responsible for reprisal killings of their countrymen.
Lawyers representing Boere said they would appeal against the decision, which could mean that the sentence is not legally binding for months.
So het sy een van meer as I 500 begunstigdes geword wat sedert onafhanklikheid saam met hul gesinne hervestig is op plase wat deur die regering van blanke kommersiele boere gekoop is.
Also in August, West Ham's former Dutch striker Jeroen Boere was found to have committed suicide at his home in Marbella aged just 39.
West Ham, led by fit-again skipper Lucas Neill, donned black armbands in memory of former striker Jeroen Boere,who died lastweek aged 39.
Among the machines on the shop floor are a Powermatic table saw, an Altendorf sliding table saw, a Moak bandsaw, a vacuum bag for veneering, a Large Max disc sander, a Newman jointer and a Boere sander.
Laura Boere, 21, Organic Valley dairy farmer from Modesto, California, joined Wedeberg in suggesting ways to help.
Conference participants also had the opportunity to hear from four top researchers in Western Canadian universities: Jillian Buriak, MCIC, from the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT); Peter Kusalik, MCIC, from the University of Calgary; Rene Boere, MCIC, from the University of Lethbridge; and Grace Greidanus-Strom, MCIC, from The King's University College.
Daardeur kry amper elke woord 'n dubbele bodem, selfs die aanhalings uit die groot borduurboek of Die handboek vir boere, wat Agaat so woordgetrou kan opse.
Southend had the boost of an early goal - Jeroen Boere firing his 13th of the season after 12 minutes.
In-form Chris Freestone smashed Northampton ahead on the half hour, but Southend were level through Dutchman Jerone Boere.