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either of two wars: the first when the Boers fought England in order to regain the independence they had given up to obtain British help against the Zulus (1880-1881)

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Fred Stenson's novel The Great Karoo is the story of a handful of Canadian cavalrymen in the Boer War.
For some ultra-nationalist Afrikaners (among them future leaders of the country during the apartheid era), the conflict between Germany and Britain was just a continuation of the Boer War.
The forgotten story in the Boer War is that of the black Africans, who saw their own country being divided and fought over by white men from afar.
At its time, the Boer War was as contentious as anything taking place today in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Perhaps in this Centenary Year of the Second Boer War it is instructive to consider two similar battles that occurred between the British Army and the Boer forces in two separate wars, namely the battle of Majuba Hill which took place on 28 February 1881 and effectively ended the war in favour of the Boer Republics; and the battle of Spion Kop which occurred on 24 January 1900, and although a victory for the Boers, the ultimate results were quite different from the earlier battle.
An examination of the First Boer War shows that it was a war fought by the British, with limited resources and a diminishing political will.
Let us now consider the battle of Spion Kop, a major British defeat of the Second Boer War.
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