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a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens

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Sparta's principal allies--the Boeotians, the Corinthians, the Megarians, and the Eleans--refused to go along with the treaty (5.
When the Boeotians complained about the desecration of Delion to the Athenians, they cited the Athenian misuse of sacred water, which should have been left untouched except when used for ritual sprinkling before a sacrifice.
Another example is Hanson's picture of the Boeotians attacking the central-Greek city of Plataea with a "pressurized concoction of sulfur, coal, and pitch" sent through a hollowed-out beam; 200 defenders were incinerated.
He includes information on such interesting topics as the use of a primitive flamethrower by attacking Boeotians during the siege of Delium (424 B.
Among the Boeotians, the debtor sat in the marketplace, holding a
3), and he derides Herodotus for his denigration of the Boeotians (On the Malice of Herodotus 854E) and also prefers, as Jones states, "patriotism to impartiality" (1971, 88).
So one of the most interesting inscriptions from Olympia (I 1148), recovered in 1994, tells us that Athenians and Boeotians were competing successfully at the Games well into the fourth century AD.