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a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens

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Also from the University of Leiden comes another PhD: FARINETTI's Boeotian landscapes, 400 pages (plus CD) of data, analysis and some interpretation of said landscape.
In the s-of dialects such as Boeotian, we would have to presume that a parallel but evidently independent shift occurred in that dialect's prehistory.
A certain Melanthos, a legendary ancestor of Solon (and hence of Plato), putting himself forward as the Athenian champion in the single combat that would decide the war, devised a ruse which enabled him to defeat and kill the Boeotian champion.
In German as well as in English, the invective Bootier or Boeotian (from the ancient Greek area northwest of Athens) denotes someone who is uncivilized, uncouth, indolent, or, exactly, "stupid" (dumm); and Brecht, the pupil of an old-fashioned Bavarian Realgymnasium, was doubtless aware of this figurative meaning.
Except in the matter of style; for the older generation accustomed to the courtesies of courtship are shocked by the Boeotian basics of the youngest generation.
Paul Getty Trust to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture -- a Thasian relief and a Boeotian stele -- have been signed.
In 379 BC a group of Theban democrats overthrew their ruling oligarchs, who where puppets to Spartan overseers, and instituted the Boeotian confederate democracy which was free from the outside influence of other cities.
Thebes is located 80km north of Athens, in the fertile Boeotian Plain (Figure 1).