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a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens

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The last occurred after the Spartan victories in Chalcidice, at Amphipolis especially, and Athenian defeat on land in Boeotia at the battle of Delium.
This brought with it the end of the battle and the invasion of Boeotia.
32) The name Apaturia suggested to the ancient Athenians apate--deception, trickery, cheating, guile--and in keeping with that word, the Apaturia celebrated a legendary Athenian act of deception that gave them the victory in a war with Boeotia.
Anthony Snodgrass provides both a theoretical justification of survey archaeology and a demonstration of its practical results when applied to western Boeotia.
Thebes in Boeotia is about 50 miles northeast of Athens, situated in a fertile plain.
Among the 20 topics are the Hellenistic face of Isis as cosmic and savior goddess, the temple of Isis at Pompeii, Egyptian cults and local elites in Boeotia, and images of Isis and her cultic shrines.
On the way she gave birth to two sons at Eleutherae in Boeotia.
Contract notice: Removal of hazardous and non-waste places of ee euboea - boeotia.
Boeotian landscapes: a GIS-based study for the reconstruction and interpretation of the archaeological datasets of ancient Boeotia (British Archaeological Reports International Series 2195).
On the mainland, the core regions--the Argolid, Boeotia, the central and southern Peloponnese--are covered, as well as the northern Aegean, an area that has taught us much recently about life on the edge of the Mycenaean world.
The work of this project concerning cultural objects of interest throughout the Greek territory outside the region of Attica and Boeotia Regional Unit in program administrative division Kallikratis.
Carbonised remains of figs and grapes have been reported from the Geometric cemetery of Tsikalario on the island of Naxos (Daux 1968), from a burial context dated to the fifth century BC at Akraiphia in Boeotia (Andreiomenou 1994).
Transfer from the contractor of students in primary and secondary education territorial competence of regional unity Boeotia, from their place of residence by attending schools and vice versa for the school year 2014-2015 (iterative open international competition)
Contract notice: Declaration open international bidding gain 256 097,56 eur without vat (with vat 315 000) to showcase supplier of liquid fuels and heating (diesel cpv09134100-8, unleaded gasoline cpv09132100-4, heating oil cpv91635100- 5) for the needs of the police services division boeotia year 2014.