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German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy

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Boehme maintains that the compliance function must be separate from the legal department, and that compliance experts have a different skill set than most lawyers.
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He covers the mystics and psychic self-containment; Mechthild and other divine mistresses; Jung, Eckhart, and the nothing; Jung on Boehme and the co-redemption of the divine and human; Hegel and Jung and a requiem for a lonely god; and the humanity of the divine as the divinity of the human.
Morgen Rote im auffgang (Morning Glow Ascending) is more commonly known as Aurora; it was written by a shoemaker named Jacob Boehme (ca.
The title of the book, The Signature of All Things, is based on a 17th-century theory from a mystic named Jakob Boehme, who came up with the idea that God had hidden clues in the design of every plant.
The organic semiconductor-based spintronic magnetometer detects fields in the intermediate-to-strong range, so while it won't be useful in magnetic resonance imaging, where sensitivity to low-level fields is crucial, the research team, headed by physicist Christoph Boehme, believes a cheap and robust magnetometer could find use in everyday devices from cell phones to GPS systems.
Some have found his thought too pantheistic, others have accused him of being tainted with the "muddle-headed mysticism" of Jacob Boehme (15751624) and still others have perceived him as nearly or "potentially" a Russian sectarian.
In the Sep/Oct issue, Imogene Boehme, Akron, Ohio, asked for help to ease her sister's dry eyes and burning mouth.
Almut Boehme, outgoing secretary of the Research Libraries Branch, proposed to put up a list for expression of interest for such an informal network that could work via email and informal meetings at IAML conferences.
He worked as chairman and chief executive officer and a partner at Boehme Filatex Inc from 1981 to 2007.
Mario Boehme stated that, "If a PETN molecule enters the sensor's nanotube, the nitro groups characteristic of PETN adhere to its surface and change its electrical conductivity, and that change may be detected by electronic instrumentation.
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En su esclarecedor libro sobre las patologias de compositores renombrados, (2) Gerhard Boehme cita a 70, cuyos decesos fueron directamente imputables al consumo de alcohol.