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a bag in which the body of a dead soldier is placed

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The TC BodyBags are constructed of transparent plastic layers, which are coated with a proprietary adhesive formula that will not stick to any surface other than itself.
Belarus Free Theatre recently organised a protest in London where the actors zipped themselves up in white bodybags and lay on the pavement outside Parliament.
Flop backwards on Hewitt's tailblock and you're going home in a bodybag.
When did the salacious sex scandal, the bodybag shot and the ratings point begin to dominate the U.
Other names in the running were Moving Target and Bodybag.
The bad was she would be leaving Shieldinch in a bodybag, dead at the hands of lawyer Archie Buchanan.
Loosely based on A Christmas Carol, newly promoted wing governor, Sylvia Bodybag Hollamby was the embodiment of Scrooge determined to kill any flicker of Christmas spirit in the corridors of Larkhall Prison.
I agree with Charlotte Halliday, Bad Girls is brilliant and I think Bodybag is gorgeous.
RELAXED Aretha on the cliff ledge at Whitby Harbour SCARY Grazing on the steep overhang HOME Where she had been living on the 200ft sea cliff BODYBAG Rescue team recovers the sheep from the sea
Not that those who do manage to make it home in one piece or without being sewn into a bodybag are treated a whole lot better.
The last time Ali Bastian was on TV screens she was being carried out of prison in a bodybag after a brutal knife fight.
NEIGHBOURS told of their shock at seeing a tiny bodybag being brought from the home of murder suspect Claire Kennedy.
He knows that every American bodybag that comes home from Iraq reduces his chances of re-election in November.