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New SLENDERTONE[R] SYSTEM Offers the Gift of Complete Body Toning
In addition to regular fitness training, Special One Fitness will also offer a range of activities and programs such as aerobics, nutrition programs, body toning, indoor track run, steam bath, cardio fitness equipment, spin-cycling, massage treatments and a sports juice bar.
Other classes include advanced circuit training, body toning, fitness sessions for eight-15-year-olds, gentle exercise dance sessions , Nordic walking and health walks.
So her training is all about body toning and sculpting.
Believe it or not she has this really fast metabolism, so her training is all about body toning and sculpting.
GOOD: The workout is split into five sections: a warm-up, the fat burner, all-over body blast, body toning and cool-down and you can choose to do all five or just the warm-up, one of the workouts and the cool-down if you are short of time.
The slimming treatment combines body shaping, body contouring, slimming and body toning services with innovative technologies like Ultra Cavitaion and radio frequency.
Monkton Stadium and Hebburn Swimming Pool also offer a range of hi-tech cardiovascular equipment for full body toning, stamina building and weight loss with fully-trained staff on hand to provide advice and assistance.
The Sereno Spa also offers creative remedies for body toning, eye care and anti-ageing are all on the menu, it said.
TO JOIN A GYM * Can be fitted around your own time schedule * Gymworkout can be tailored to individual needs * Exercise at any level * Can include cardiovascular fitness and body toning * Include regular updates to ensure you are training to your maximum
AUBURN - Stroller Strides, a franchised fitness program for new mothers that includes power walking, body toning and songs to make the experience fun for babies, has begun offering classes at Lemansky Park.
Exercise bikes are always popular for lower body toning.
Geraldine Crook, from Barry, said: "I use the leisure centre regularly for circuit training, ball classes, body toning and the gym.
2Tesco Body Therapy Spa Smooth and Svelte Body Toning Exfoliating Scrub (part of the Smooth and Svelte Silhouette Kit), pounds 8.