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Synonyms for pillow


Synonyms for pillow

a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person

rest on or as if on a pillow


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The fabric remnants from every body pillow are made into soft baby beanies and are donated to one of our trusted charitable partners, Stitches From The Heart and The Hope Venture, to reach newborns throughout the US, India and Africa.
Look for Serta to return to the Largo showroom to emphasize the possibilities of combining Largo headboards with Connie Post-designed bedding department concepts and the Serta Body Pillow mattress line and Masterpiece division.
In addition to the original Boppy Pillow, The Boppy Company's family of products includes: the Total Body Pillow for prenatal and postnatal moms, EntertainMe([R]) Play Gyms, Tummy Play([R]) Pads, Newborn Loungers, Changing Pad Sets and more.
for one, began promoting its Body Pillow mattress with viscoelastic foam heavily last fall.
s big push for early 2003 will be its Body Pillow viscoelastic sleep system coupled with its patented Comfort Quilt stress-reduction feature, introduced in October.
Serta devoted one portion to highlight a presentation of its new Body Pillow model in the Perfect Sleeper line, featuring a layer of viscoelastic foam, Comfort Quilt cushioning and a high-density foam core.
Back-to-school is important, but there's also a springtime body pillow market," said DePiazza, adding that the December holiday market is also important.
American Fiber will be launching two new products -- the Body Double feather body pillow that folds into a reading pillow, and a Sherpa cotton mattress pad.
2 - Pillows - College dorm rooms lack seating, so having dorm items like bedrests and body pillows will add more comfort to the dorm bed when the college student is sleeping, but can also be used as extra seating in a pinch.
Side-rails, bumper pads, extra-long body pillows and bed alarms are a few more simple additions.
Not only do dogs like Ellie make great body pillows for young readers, they are excellent at offering a listening ear as students sound out words and practice speech and reading skills.
To help change your sleeping habits, consider experimenting with body pillows, which generally prevent you from turning onto your stomach.
During New York Home Fashions Market, the company launched its recent licensed program with HoMedics, encompassing bed pillows, body pillows, mattress pads and comforters.
Hollander also expanded its collection of Laura Ashley body pillows by adding new fabrics to the mix.