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having a hole cut through

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More recently, college students reported a 23% rate of tattoo possession while 51% indicated having at least one body piercing, however, the high rate of piercing reported in this study is due to the inclusion of ear piercings in the results (Mayers, Judelson, Moriarty, & Rundell, 2002).
Today Ms Anderson was in tears outside the hearing as she said: "When Daniel died my one belief was that it was caused by his simple body piercing.
The researchers, both from the University of Chicago, refined their survey in a pilot study of 32 people with body piercing and/or tattoos.
Public health minister Melanie Johnson said: "The proposed change in law will protect the health of the public by ensuring that the good standards of hygiene and cleanliness in body piercing and tattooing enjoyed in London are extended to the rest of the country.
Laurier Falldien is convinced he has developed the perfect product for body piercing, considered one of the fastest growing services in North America.
Sports officials can hatch new policies to prevent the usus agonisticus medicamenti stupefactivi (use of performance-enhancing drugs), while young adults will be keen to find the best design for their notarum in cute impressio (tattoo) but will have to wait for the dictionary's next edition before engaging in body piercing.
The woman had no history of injection-drug use, blood transfusions, body piercing, or heterosexual intercourse.
Body piercing is becoming more and more popular - and personally I'd say it's getting slightly out of hand with some folk - but, as PC Holden stated, if he was asked to remove the stud in his ear he removed it.
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The industry of body piercing has been on the increase since the 1970s.
Any piercing is going to be uncomfortable," says professional piercer Aaron Desplaines at Tribal Ways Body Piercing in Boston, Mass.
The Perils of Piercing: The growing popularity of body piercing has spawned new risks, experts say, because unqualified "piercing professionals" are flooding the field to fill demand.
Today, tattooing and body piercing have become popular in the mainstream, not only with students, but with urban professionals as well.
The Wall Street Journal unblushingly printed hypnotizee; a football game telecast acquainted me with enshrinee (in a hall of fame); in a Boston Globe obituary survivors of the surgical procedure known as a laryngectomy were dubbed laryngectomees; and now that body piercing is becoming ordinary, cutting is carving a new niche via cutter and unspeakably cute cuttee.
Tattooing and body piercing have emerged as popular practices among teens and young adults in the general population.