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Synonyms for burden

Synonyms for burden

something carried physically

something hard to bear physically or emotionally

a duty or responsibility that is a source of anxiety, worry, or hardship

an act or course of action that is demanded of one, as by position, custom, law, or religion

to place a burden or heavy load on

the thread or current of thought uniting or occurring in all the elements of a text or discourse

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

Synonyms for burden

the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

the central idea that is expanded in a document or discourse

Related Words

weight down with a load

impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to

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In both of these studies, bone lead concentrations indicated a threefold higher body burden of lead compared with unexposed controls, but no indicators of early tubular or glomerular damage were increased.
marinus infection prevalences approached 90-100% among oysters at the 2 downriver sites, even during the first year, and were generally high in late summer each year, oyster body burdens of pathogen cells increased slowly throughout the study, with means reaching lethal levels of [10.
Martin appeared in a full-page ad announcing the body burden report that ran in the New York Times in January.
This gives physicians more accurate reference ranges when testing patients for body burden of chemicals.
Our data suggest that this second mechanism is predominant in determining U-Cd when the Cd body burden is very low.
In addition, total parasite body burden was calculated as the sum of all quantified parasites; that is, all parasites not evaluated using a semiquantitative scale.
Human exposure to PBDEs: associations of PBDE body burdens with food consumption and house dust concentrations.
Infection prevalence, mean sample body burden, mean infected body burden, and oyster size were the disease-condition cofactors.
Body Burden, sponsored by the Oregon Toxics Alliance, challenges the notion that getting cancer is a result of personal lifestyle choices, focusing instead on "the enormous burden of toxicity" carried in all bodies.
As such, the Hemopurifier(TM) seeks to reduce the body burden of infectious virus and related toxins, thus increasing the likelihood that a patient's own immune response can overcome infection.
As women age, they have an increasing body burden of at least these three neurotoxins, and are likely continue to accumulate these neurotoxins beyond reproductive age.
Earlier work by these authors indicated that worms' body burden of metals was inversely associated with the metal content of the vermicompost they produced.
Total parasite body burden concentrations were also measured at the end of in vivo infections.
The average American's body burden of ultra-hazardous dioxin, for example, is already at levels known to impair development in laboratory animals.