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Over more than 100 participants took part in this body building competition from around 18 districts.
American Body Building Products is a major distributor of sports
Weight is over: Jim Charles has been body building for 50 years.
A thinker and a philosopher, he holds court in a thoughtful and controlled manner, occasionally controversial, always inspirational, Dorian is one of the body building pioneers who epitomises discipline, focus and self improvement in all areas of life.
She said: "I entered my first body building competition at the age of 20 and won it.
In court, however, magistrates heard Griffiths was on a ketogenic diet for body building purposes and the supplements he took were part of that.
Summary: The Olympic Delivery Authority, the body building the venues for the London 2012 Games, will have to make a saving of Au27 million.
A fast-growing Staffordshire-based commercial vehicle body building firm is on course to safeguard 17 jobs following a deal to acquire Car Comm Aid.
A SPORTS student from Kirklees College posed his way to Best Under 18 at his first body building competition.
From pumping iron to communion wine, a former body building Mr Gwent has swapped flexing his pecs for preaching in the pulpit.
Muscle man Ian Morgan is bulking up for a US body building contest by eating nothing but Australian animals.
The Moorpark teen, who has been training since he was 13, has taken a number of bodybuilding titles this year, including first place in the teenage boys category of the California Natural Body Building and Fitness Championships.
A seasoned competitor in regional and national body building competitions, George, 43, from Morpeth provides a hefty security presence on Adderstone's latest site in Osborne Terrace, Jesmond.
The officer has flexed his muscles at numerous body building competitions and his impressive physique has landed him championships.