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The instructor will have to give cues throughout the lift on body alignment.
Murphy's workouts for the Hollywood Body program focus on proper body alignment and muscle activation while training.
These postures use body alignment to stimulate digestion and improve posture.
Intimidating as the names may sound, the equipment actually provides relaxation and proper body alignment.
The computer uses infra red technology to take readings of the patient's leg and generate measurements and calculations, highlighting where Mr Sampath needs to make the required incisions to suit that individual patient's body alignment.
The new body alignment machine, the first of its kind in Jordan, will allow the crash repair shop to produce vehicle status reports that point to the exact locations deviating from the standard references.
He states the toe separations and overall design of the A and P sandals allows the constant mechanical stress of weight bearing and walking to be evenly shifted along the joints, improving body alignment, spinal strength and balance preventing hip and back problems.
They learn how to maintain good posture and body alignment, to which staff cues them when ambulating.
He trained as an instructor in the Alexander Technique of body alignment, then, during his time as a part-time lifeguard, realised the theory could be appplied to the body in the water as well as on dry land.
With regular practice, a 15-minute session of yoga postures can teach you body alignment and good form that are essential to good running economy.
Keep your head and body alignment by bringing the bowstring to you.
Form breathing, and body alignment are emphasized, and clients have to really focus on each movement.
These adjustments are not harmful to a pregnant woman or her unborn baby; instead, they can be beneficial in maintaining the proper body alignment, nerve conduction and relaxation of the postural muscles.
New Collection Enhances Core Awareness and Encourages Body Alignment