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a bag in which the body of a dead soldier is placed

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Bodysafe Body Bags are high quality body bags hand made in Australia by Greenacres Industries, an Australian Disability Enterprise.
Amnesty supporters zipped themselves into some of the body bags alongside a banner displaying the hashtag #DontLetThemDrown.
Indonesian Navy personnel take body bags containing bodies of passengers of AirAsia QZ8501
NOWHERE TO GO Survivors are turned away from flights at airport STREET MORGUE Body bags line roads in Tacloban yesterday
Body bags Belarus protesters lie in white bags at Grassmarket site
Remember the black body bags, remains of a stroller, a notebook, Nazi numbers tattoed on burned arms, bits of jewelry, military berets, officers' insignia.
Manufacturer of body bags used in funeral homes sought by Jose Goubaud y Cia Ltda.
The chorus is a slap in the face because US media now ban footage of soldiers coming home in body bags as it's bad for morale.
I WAS shocked to read your story that the Government has ordered 200,000 body bags in the event that bird flu mutates and can be contracted human to human.
And if America can go to war without worrying about voters complaining when GIs come home in body bags, will we go to war less often, or more?
But Bush is a true believer, Hersh says, and as a result, the body bags will keep coming.
Workers pulled bodies from the wreckage and lay them in body bags in a misty field.
None the less, this is going to happen and with it we can expect considerably more body bags.
We also carried troops to the combat zones and then brought them back in body bags from Okinawa to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines.