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Be sure to highlight the proper procedures for dealing with bodily secretions, blood-borne pathogens, and biohazardous material.
My point is this: if a doctor or nurse risks his or her life to care for patients, the least that should be permitted is that a health-care professional be able to test a patient whose bodily secretions he or she has been exposed to.
There also exist anecdotal accounts of bodily secretions passing through latex gloves worn by examining physicians and nurses (refs.
People may become infected by enterovirus through direct contact with an infected person's saliva, mucus or other bodily secretions, or by touching contaminated surfaces or objects, such as counters, telephones or doorknobs.
Harnessing the innate physical properties of her medium, Sahal convincingly suggests varied skin textures, facial expressions, general fleshiness, and assorted bodily secretions.
Until very recently teenage erratic behaviour was always attributed to hormones, the bodily secretions which cause dramatic physical changes in the adolescent body.
About the same time every afternoon, male sac-winged bats in a colony all settle down to refill pouches on their wings with urine and other bodily secretions, report Christian C.