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For someone to contaminate it with their bodily fluids, that's disgusting.
But they added that a simple saline solution, or salt water like that of bodily fluids, also performed well.
These are simple infection prevention control measures that reduce the risk of transmission of blood-borne pathogens through exposure to blood and bodily fluids among patients and HCWs.
The system called Universal Precautions is designed to protect the care giver from exposure to the other person's bodily fluids.
If the idea of eating doesn't turn your stomach after watching the steady stream of bodily fluids cascade through this movie's defiled kitchen, then you've either got an iron stomach or have spent a lifetime eating the hot menu at gas station mini-marts.
Up to 48 liters of bodily fluids are pumped into the High Fluid Cart's two reusable polyethylene canisters during surgery and then, once drained, the canisters are transferred to a tub in the Safety Station where they are cleaned and sterilized for reuse.
5 liters of saliva that a person produces each day come from blood filtering through the salivary glands, scientists discovered that the bodily fluids share most of their substances--though not necessarily in similar concentrations.
Assault with bodily fluids poses a health risk for the employees because of the potential for spreading diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS, Damato said.
They make it easy to replace your precious bodily fluids lost through sweating.
The incident happened after a prison cellhouse erupted into violence, with inmates throwing cans, burning rags, light bulbs, bodily fluids and other liquids at the officers.
There's dirty laundry flapping on the line again - she threw a tantrum here, he left some bodily fluids there.
In space, non-invasive techniques such as laparoscopic surgery are preferred because of the limitations in a zero gravity environment and the fact blood and other bodily fluids can be easily confined.
The original source came from news reports of some years ago that discussed the spreading of AIDS through bodily fluids such as spittal, sweaty hands, and perspiration.
1) One-quarter of hepatitis A infections are attributable to household or sexual contact, and half of hepatitis B infections result from contact with bodily fluids during sex.
Nanogram quantities of cells, tissue, blood, or bodily fluids are mixed directly with eTag reagents in standard 96-well laboratory microplates.