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Synonyms for Bodhisattva

Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others


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In these carvings, which from their construction functioned as the embellished ends of balustrades, a deity in the Bodhisattva sitting posture maharajalilasana ('at royal ease'), with right knee raised, holds a vajra to his chest and is surrounded by a group of crested naga heads that tower above him.
Indeed, "bodhisattva" in the Diamond Sutra seems to designate a small "b" bodhisattva; not a being with any kind of special power, but a monk or nun (or son or daughter) who has embarked upon the path of the bodhisattva.
I should see family as bodhisattvas helping me on the path, but it's
When he learned that some Buddhist sects had imported older Asian deities into their faith, reimagining them as protector spirits or as personified Bodhisattvas, he wondered why he couldn't do the same with Western mythologies.
One crate contained the exquisite fragments of the faces of delicately curved fifth-century AD Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from Hadda -- their benign and ecstatic smiles somehow surviving smashing and frenzied sledgehammer blows.
Wang Lingwei's stele combines the ancient Chinese form of an inscribed tablet crowned by lively dragons with the sculpted image of a Buddha enthroned and flanked by bodhisattvas.
Dirty Work, Cousin Du Pre, Josie and Bodhisattva were all reeled out to the crowd's delight.
The dispute was so serious that the case was brought before the Bodhisattva.
Their ideal being is the bodhisattva, a person who puts off his or her own nirvana - or perfect peace - in order to relieve the suffering of others.
In her film, Cynthia Roberts sets up a sort of Platonic ideal of the sex worker: Bubbles Galore is both shamelessly raunchy, and as good-hearted as a bodhisattva.
I take inspiration from the story of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion, who chose to delay nirvana and remain among civilization until all other sentient beings had attained enlightenment.
For the first time the legend of Robin Hood will be updated for the cosmopolitan world of today's Obama-era America as a New Global Superhero who adopts the Code of the Bodhisattva followed by the greatest zen warriors from the Shaolin monks to the Japanese Samurai.
Contract awarded for Anton bogwangsa wooden Bodhisattva remains around the upper-left outfits and maintenance (reconstruction gongyanggan) design services
The lobby of Wellsprings Residence is decorated with her beautifully crafted artwork - including a stone carving of Bodhisattva - that she created in her 80s.