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Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court


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Fatto questo parlar forte piangendo con le lachrime giu piego la testa; la dolorosa figlia, alhor sentendo esser de suo peccato manifesta e per la bocha del suo padre aldendo cosa che la fe' star dogliosa e mesta esser pregion l'amator suo fido, a pena si ritenne alzar un strido.
Cosi dicendo per piu chiaro segno in presentia di quel ambassiatore mentre l'una parola l'altra tocha lo cuor ch'avea in man baso con bocha.
At yesterday's inaugural meeting Cllr Roodhouse (Lib Dem, Eastlands) joined on reigning national Bocha champion, Nigel Murray, of Leamington, to help with the celebrations.
The five-member committee decided after touring the site that widespread damage has been done to mangroves, as 75 hectares of mangroves have been lost in Bocha Island, which was announced as a conservation zone as per the environmental clearance conditions.
Y fath halibalw achoswyd pan ddaeth yn wybyddus bod Harri ap Siarl wedi bod yn bocha o gwmpas hefo'r ddeilen bot.
Its first meeting will be in the refectory at Rugby College where members will play bocha - a cross between bowls and boule - against other Phab clubs.
Lo andai a vedere, ramentandomi di le parole gia mi disse Vostra Signoria quando la cognoscesti carnalmente: insumma il fanciulo ha asai di la vostra phisionomia et maxime del naso et bocha coi labri riversi.
And after admitting defeat, the only consolation will be to take what's on offer - probably a panini or a ciabatta, accompanied by a Skinny Minny Mocha Bocha.
Never mind skinny lattes, capuccinos, mochas, bochas and ticky tacky tochas (or whatever they're called), this was also before baguettes, bruschettas, ciabattas, paninis and all manner of modern day horrors.