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a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound


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Bobbin winding is typically conducted after spinning and to rapidly perform processes such as relocation of packages and adjusting thread imperfections which in most cases increases hairiness of the thread, which this action occurs by rubbing the thread to different sections of bobbin winding machine.
There's no need to halt the production process when bobbins run out, or when the fabric specification needs to be changed.
The substance was being smuggled inside the bobbin of a machine usually used to operate suspended cable cars.
Bobbins has rage issues -- she tasers witnesses -- while Frank is, simply put, so spectacularly clueless her mittens are still attached to her coat by string.
Chris has conjured up an Emperor, Hans Neesundboompsadaysey III, whose passion for designer clothes brings him into contact with two of the world's finest fashion creators, Stitch and Bobbins.
Uses include connectors, bobbins, housings, switches, breakers, sensors, and other high-tolerance, thin-walled parts.
They just don't want to go and watch pretentious bobbins.
Tonight Frank and Bobbins are on a stake-out, setting up camp in an old lady's flat with camera, binoculars and bugging equipment.
It also comes with a free starter kit set which includes 16 coloured threads, 16 bobbins, scissors and tape measure.
Dolly bobbins and crochet may have been all the rage in our mothers' and grandmothers' day but schoolchildren today are tying themselves up in knots with the latest craft craze.
The founder of Michel Thomas Language Centres in New York, Los Angeles and London died of heart failure at his US home on Saturday, said his publicist, Bruce Bobbins.
Typical metal laminations, bobbins, end caps, and parts can include Arnon 7 high carbon steel or Magnesil, and the coatings can be either epoxy or PTFE.
For less than pounds 15, she got a modern kit comprising lace pillow and 30 crudely-turned wooden bobbins.
The shuttle and carrier of the MR-11S system accepts a variety of bobbins and bobbin configurations, including: single let-off wire (9 Kg/20 lbs.