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United States songwriter noted for his protest songs (born in 1941)


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Louise Harmon, Bob Dylan on Lenny Bruce: More of an Outlaw
Most of the people who came up through the folk-singing world and a lot of your rock guys know some Bob Dylan songs and might have a favorite," Jordan said.
I have asked Bob Dylan whether he would be prepared to give a centenary concert in Swansea, in order that he could blend his music with Dylan Thomas' poetry," Davies said in Parliament.
Correctly answer this question for your chance to win: Name the album released by Bob Dylan in 1969, the title of which pays homage to the capital of Tennessee.
Bob Dylan is very special, because I am a songwriter myself so I am always very fond of Bob Dylan.
He said: "I'm glad to hear Bob Dylan is painting, and I'm sure the people of Middlesbrough would be delighted to see the work.
A new book about musician Bob Dylan will be released by Omnibus Press, a division of The Music Sales Group, in June 2007.
Caught between Warhol and Bob Dylan (not named, to avoid a lawsuit), the whiny Sedgwick splats like a bug on a windshield.
Bob Dylan is old enough to be selecting his Medicare prescription drug plan, but he's nowhere near retirement.
You do it because you want to have the experience and dance to Bob Dylan and sing Bob Dylan and work with Twyla and be on Broadway.
Because of this, attempts to lay bare the "real" Bob Dylan inevitably feel strangely insubstantial.
Dylan enthusiasts and music historians can rejoice at the recent spate of publications that address in some substantive way the life and creative output of Bob Dylan.
New Agreements Add Lyric Rights from Thousands of ArtistsCoIncluding Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Grateful DeadCoto Gracenote's Dominant Digital Lyrics Catalog
Featuring ten tracks, the Jack Frost-produced album is the 36th studio set from Bob Dylan and marks the first new music from the artist since 2012's worldwide hit Tempest.