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a private house that provides accommodations and meals for paying guests

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However when the Yemeni community first arrived they struggled to find accommodation and so set up their own boarding houses, which are among the most photographed emblems of those early years of migration.
And it was in the basements of these boarding houses in Birkenhead and Liverpool that Tip built furnaces for the production of opium.
A 17-year-old sustained a minor cut to his arm from a craft knife after a fight broke out in one of the boarding houses at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire.
A 17-year-old sustained a minor cut to his arm from a craft knife after a fight broke out just around midnight yesterday in one of the boarding houses at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire.
As AN EXPLORATION of the childhood memories of working-class Ukrainians who grew up in Depression-era boarding houses (or houses with a few boarders) in Sudbury, Ontario, this paper treats the oral histories as the subject, not merely the method, of analysis and highlights, in particular, the gendered differences that emerge in the narratives of the men and women interviewed for this project.
Sink (Associate Professor of English/Communications at High Point University, High Point, North Carolina) and North Carolina realtor Nickie Doyal, "Boarding House Reach: North Carolina's Entrepreneurial Women" provides a unique and informative perspective on North Carolina history as it chronicles the impressive achievements of hard working but hitherto obscure women that through such traumas as death, divorce, or abandonment turned their homes into boarding houses in order to financially support themselves.
Modern thinking has changed and most state special schools have now closed their boarding houses.
It states that in hotels, boarding houses, inns, hostels, etc, bedrooms can be designated as smoking areas, however there is no requirement to have beds installed.
With thousands of sailors from the Seaport as customers, dance halls, boarding houses, brothels and saloons dominated the area.
The city can adopt ordinances that require registration of rental units with regular housing inspections; prohibit boarding houses in low-density neighborhoods; and boost enforcement of building and housing code violations.
Now, Boyle studied less, attended mass more infrequently, moved to more expensive boarding houses closer to Summit Avenue, esteemed men with social connections, and admired women for their looks, social graces on the dance floor, and the status he might achieve by marrying one of them.
PLANS were drawn up to hide secret agents in boarding houses in Colwyn Bay in case of a Nazi invasion, it emerged yesterday.
MI5 drew up secret wartime plans to hide some of its best agents in a series of boarding houses in north Wales in the event of a Nazi invasion, according to files made public for the first time today.
At the end of the year he wrote: "There is now in this Town Eleven stores 1 Restaurant 3 Bakeries 6 Hotels 3 private Boarding Houses & 3 Bars & Gambling Houses one of the Bars is in an Apothecaries shop which leaves only two Gambling Houses.
The secondary homeless: people moving between various forms of temporary shelter, including friends, relatives, emergency accommodation and boarding houses.