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Playing boardgames such as Scrabble and Ludo can help boost children's ability at school, it was claimed yesterday.
Turns out that LED timepieces (the ones that look like miniature white television sets on plastic straps) are all the rage today, along with children's boardgames.
Then there are the toys, t-shirts, boardgames, playsets, owls, witches' hats, magic potion sets, computer games, card games.
Today the company announced six new applications, including New Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus, New Oxford Dictionary of English, New Oxford Dictionary of Spanish, Astraware Sudoku, Astraware Solitaire and Astraware Boardgames for Android customers, now available via www.
The Edge venue on Cheapside will be rolling the dice for an evening of boardgames, including Carcassone, Agricola and Cards Against Humanity.
He remains a devoted tabletop gamer, with a collection of more than 1,000 boardgames at home -- his "wonderful collection of games, which I'd never give up".
The resort's youth club has been their hangout, complete with boardgames, football, darts, pool, TV, computers and a swimming pool.
SIMPLE PLEASURES: There's no TV so we while away the hours playing chess, cards and boardgames.
When children were content with electric train sets and boardgames, and didn't require an Xbox to look cool at school.
The 20-year-old pop star - who celebrated winning two Glamour mag gongs by staying in playing boardgames with boyfriend Gavin Henson - admitted love has tamed her.
You haveBig Brother boardgames,Teletubbies models and lots of other things.
I have more than 20 boardgames, ranging from Monopoly and Scrabble to Snakes and Ladders,Connect 4 and Operation.
However, many children were left disappointed as stocks of the new Harry Potter boardgames failed to appear on the shelves of Scottish toyshops.
PUPILS at King Henry VIII School in Coventry enjoyed making their own boardgames as part of enterprise week.
Ridiculously idyllic, the Scilly Isles are a place of old-fashioned British holidays, where guests have afternoon tea and play boardgames after dinner.