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Director Bob Moore envisions local workers thinning 2,000 acres a year county-wide, which would generate 5 million to 10 million board-feet of lumber annually.
Glickman said the Forest Service projected only 60 million to 78 million board-feet of timber, valued between $5 million and $7 million, would be lost to deterioration during the deferral.
Today's price of $506 per thousand board-feet represents a 69 percent increase in prices since July when the president released his Forest Plan, which called for the release of 1.
Markets are wildly variable, but if a mill pays an average of 30 cents a board-foot, for example, on less-than-best eastern hardwoods, then 30 acres of those trees at 1,500 board-feet an acre could net $13,500.
Annual timber sales, which had averaged less then 2 billion board-feet a year during the agency's first half-century, jumped to nearly 14 billion in the 1960s, based on sustained yield projections and goals.
Instead, I have cut 1,670,000 board-feet of timber in that 45 years and still have almost as much left as I started with
Demand for 48 billion board-feet of lumber in 1993 is also well below the peak of 50.
True, the company ended 1993 with a humongous deck of 90 million board-feet of logs at its sprawling Standard and Chinese Camp sawmills in the Sierra foothills.
The current price, $474 per 1,000 board-feet last week, up from $249 per 1,000 board-feet in October, adds about $4,500 to the hard cost of building a typical 2,000-square-foot home.
Although each ancient hemlock, if harvested, would yield many board-feet of wood, Childs has left them in place, largely because snags of his giant hemlocks harbor the migratory Arctic three-toed woodpecker that is rarely seen south of the St.
So if we find there's a demand for Douglas-fir 2x4s, we can deliver a million board-feet in a month.
In 1825, the Erie Canal was completed and was soon floating millions of board-feet of lumber east to Albany.
During World War I the Army recruited 7,000 men, called them the Spruce Production Division, and set them to hand-felling some 300 million board-feet of Sitka spruce, the nation's strongest and finest construction softwood, for the war effort.
The saplings are among the millions of board-feet nationwide destined to become polished poles occupying the place of honor in traditional Japanese homes.
7 billion board-feet of timber is down, along with 20 million cords of pulpwood.