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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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Following in his brother's footsteps, Steven entered local politics and ultimately joined Michael on the board of alderman in 1979 (Steven being the youngest board member in history).
An exemption of this appropriation limit is permitted for all capital expenditures and bonded debt with a two-thirds vote from the city's Board of Alderman.
The Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee sent Board Bill 39 to the Board of Alderman, which perfected it.
Some actions by the Board of Alderman and the administration of the City of Branson were questionable, concludes Gary J.
Officials are examining a number of cost-saving measures to offset the decrease in revenues, and the board of alderman will vote on the budget in early June.
The selected firm will work with key City Staff, along with Citizen Boards, Planning Commission and the Mayor and Board of Alderman.
We appreciate the opportunity to be involved, and look forward to a continued relationship with the city on future planning and zoning matters," stated Terry at the November 5, 2012 Board of Alderman public hearing.
This is a moment when community and business come together," President of the Board of Alderman Lewis Reed said.
Earlier in his career, Sam served eight years as President of Atlanta's Board of Alderman and four as Mayor of Atlanta.
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